This thing here came about pretty quick and we had to bust tail to get it done. The place is a long way from perfect, but it is very inexpensive and it is not that far out of the way for us. The big thing was getting the down payment together, but my Dad and Emma’s grand dad lent us the extra bit that we needed. It is about twenty minutes to work for me, but less for her and that is not much worse than the apartment was. The rent was more too. Looking at TV deals from Directv at the moment and trying to figure out if we can afford that at the moment. I am thinking that we are going to just do with none of that for a bit. The whole thing was a bit of a stretch and we want to save up some money for emergency situations. Like for example last year the the transmission on Emma’s car froze up on her and it cost us fifteen hundred dollars to replace it. You need money in case you run into that sort of bad luck.

It is not that unusual to have a big car repair bill or all sorts of other stuff and I always like to have some money saved up. I got to get the Internet hooked up, that is something I have to have for work and because I have the usual sort of internet dependency that you find with a lot of people these day. Of course I could probably do a lot of stuff on my phone, but that would not be a practical or cost effective solution to the issue in my opinion. It is pretty tough to find a good internet connection at good rate though.

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