Cable TV is a must have these days, there are so many shows out there that even if you just blindly pick a few to watch you will likely be able to get something that you enjoy. There are other options to cable, but lets be honest nothing beats watching it the night of release, even if you have to watch a few ads, we all tune in to watch it as soon as possible. If you don’t have cable yet and you’re looking into it, try out this link It can help you find some cable in your area, trust me when I tell you that you wont regret picking up cable. Even if you tried it years ago and didn’t like it, I suggest you go ahead and give it another shot, the way that we watch tv and the types of shows out there have changed drastically over the years.

I watch quite a few shows that are on cable right now, one that I specifically love to watch right when it comes on is the walking dead, it is a wonderful show that has so much going on that it’s pretty great to watch it the day of and then you can chat with your friends about it the next day. If I were to lose that ability I think it would sort of ruin the show for me, especially if someone spoiled it for me before I got the chance to watch it. So for that reason I always make sure to watch it either right when it airs or the rebroadcast a few hours later. There’s no way I could wait for it to show up on some kind of VOD service that would make me wait and miss out on that valuable bonding time with my friends.

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