When my husband lost his job, we did not think it would take long to get a new one. Well, it didn’t, but it was also located nearly 300 miles from where we live. He went there to take it, and he rented a small apartment. We had taken on too much though, and we knew we could not afford two households. We were not able to sell our house, and we fell behind on our mortgage payments. A friend told me to look up information on short sales in NYC because it could possibly help us.

I was mostly worried about the house being foreclosed on, and then our credit rating would take a huge hit. We are struggling as it is, and I knew that the struggle would be even greater should we have a foreclosure on our credit score. I was at my wit’s end, not knowing what to do, so my friend’s suggestion really helped me out. I did research everything about short sales, and I realized that it was probably the only thing that could help us at that point. The best thing that happened while I was researching all of this was finding a company in New York City that helps people like us.

I was able to get a consultation with them, and they could definitely sympathize with our situation. Even better, they were able to provide valuable help and advice to us. We did end up going with the short sale since that was not going to affect us as much as a foreclosure would, and it was such a relief to finally be able to put that house behind us. This taught us a very valuable lesson too, and we no longer take on more than we can chew, which is what got us in that mess in the first place.