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differences in electric violin?

  1. wondering what the significant differences are between a acoustic violin and a electric violin.

    also, is it worth purchasing a electric violin?

    Answer by Duncan
    The obvious differences are that with an acoustic violin, sound and tone are generated entirely by the instrument and the players manipulation of the instrument, while an electric violin relies on an amplifier for sound production and its tone is dependent on the pickup AND any optional effects used to process the signal.

    From a design standpoint, since the electric violin relies far less on the instruments shape for tone production, you will notice a far greater variance of shape and design among electric violins.

    From an ergonomic standpoint, **QUALITY** electric violins should stack up well against their acoustic counterparts. The important ergonomic measurements and considerations are shoulder pad (whether a standard shoulder pad fits or a special system is employed), chin rest (adjustable? replaceable?), upper bout indicator (many electric violins will have some protrusion indicating where the hand would rest against the acoustic violin body when playing in high positions), and certainly not least of all, setup. A standard setup for acoustic OR electric violin should address proper string height at the nut and end of the fingerboard as well as proper bridge curvature. Too flat a bridge makes isolating strings difficult; too curved creates awkward bowing and improper string heights.

    One area that electric violins have an arguable advantage is that many are extremely quiet when played only through headphones. This is a nice feature allowing you to practice at home during odd hours, in hotels or in a dormitory room without bothering others. Some models have additional practice features, i.e. aux. inputs for practicing along with mp3s.

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    If youre a beginner and plan to take lessons, check with your prospective teacher to see if they are comfortable teaching you on an electric or not. If you are in the market for an electric violin, please consider that most of the inexpensive models available are lacking in at least one of the areas of tone, ergonomics or setups. An excellent resource for electric violin shopping is Electric Violin Shop. This company guarantees the quality of and provides a full shop setup on each instrument they sell.

  2. What is a good brand violin for a beginner? What should I really be looking for in a good violin? I see you can even pick him up for as little as $ 50, but are these good violins?

    Answer by dlashof
    No, $ 50 violins arent fit to hang on a wall. When buying a violin, anything new under $ 300 isnt worth buying. They come with cheap parts that need to be replaced right away costing you at least another $ 100 anyway. The cases that come with the cheaper violins are also very poor quality and wont last, especially the zippers. The thermoplastic cases are better than the zippered ones on the cheaper violin outfits and will last much longer. You dont buy a violin by brand name as two violins from the same brand will sound differently. I personally never sold any new violins at my store that were less than $ 450 ($ 600 list price). Buy from a violin store not from a music store or the internet. At the violin shop, they will have set up the instrument properly. Always buy from a store that will take your instrument back in trade, if they wont that just means that they dont stand behind what they sell. Music stores will usually only have a few instruments to choose from, no one knowledgeable on violins on staff and they typically get the violins already set up from the wholesaler. Violins need to be set up in the local where they will be played, local temps and humidity make a big difference in the set up which is one reason I dont recommend buying from online stores, they cannot setup an instrument properly for your area.