The other morning I got an email which did not get caught up in my spam filter, although I suspect that it should have. It was an ad from a guy who did a great job of looking like an investment professional. He said that he represented the best binary option broker with great awards winning trading platform. I had no clue what any of that meant, but I was busy and I did not really have time to worry about it. Then I looked in my email later on and I decided that perhaps I should figur out just out of curiosity. After I did I got to wondering what sort of person would think it was a good idea to put their money in this sort of thing, because when you look at it there are only two possible outcomes to one of these things. That is what the binary thing means. In essence you will be placing a wager on some thing, which could be the price of a commodity for example, or it could be virtually anything.

If you win the wager, well you make money. I am not quite sure whether or not you double your investment or what. I suppose it depends on the terms of the option you take out. If you lose your wager, that is the end of it all. It is the end of the money that you put in it as well. It is not like buying a stock, where it is very unlikely that the value of the initial investment will ever totally vanish. At least if you buys something like GE or AT & T it is going to go up and down, but it will remain something of value. Perhaps you could buy some oddball stock where the value would vanish.