I operate three web pages right now and I am trying to figure out what I need to do to generate a significant amount of passive income. In fact I am not really interested in turning it into a full time job, not unless I come up with something that looks like hitting the jackpot. That does not really seem like much of a likelihood to me. If I look at my affiliate income report right now it comes up with something which you can not dismiss out of hand, but which is not going to change the way that you live your life very much. Instead this is a sum which would pay my cell phone bill and a fair part of my cable TV bill. That is not something you can turn your nose up to, but I am looking for a way to generate enough money to both increase the number of web pages that I have and to pay off all of my obligations. More web pages would obviously mean more work and you are not going to generate much money unless you are putting work into the process. People have to have something to keep their interest up. They are not going to keep coming back to see the exact same thing. The way that best serves that purpose is to have an interactive element to the sites. You want to engage the viewers in a discussion and perhaps you add some sort of competition to the web page. That is what I have been trying to do lately, although some of my ideas have not worked as well as I might have hoped that they would. You have to keep trying to get a bigger audience though. That is how you are going to generate the income.