When I made the decision to build my own home, I was committed to it. I wanted to install everything myself, from the piping to the electrical wiring – I couldn’t hook it up myself, I knew, but I could at least lay out the infrastructure to be connected. I realized too late that I should have called my electrician in westchester ny instead of trying to do it myself or at the very least I could have allowed him to monitor my work! You see, I had built the house. I had wired everything, laid everything out in the appropriate fashion which I had been taught. I put the pipes in. The dry wall. The paint. I put a plate over each socket. Everything that it takes to build a house, I did it – not alone, not all the time anyways, but I did it. I have never felt so accomplished before as it was the first time in my life that I was able to fulfill such a long standing and challenging goal. It nearly killed me in the end – after checking the hook up after the electrician came out, I discovered a problem.