I started thinking about this as a practical matter more than anything. I have gotten far enough in Med school that I can start thinking about specializing and it seems obvious to me that you can do stuff that is a lot more riskier than other things. Surgery is where a lot of the hot shots want to go, but I am thinking it is a messy business. Aside those guys never see any solution other than to cut you open. I am thinking about the opposite approach. At a clinic I visited, they did fillers for nose jobs. That is what you call non invasive rhinoplasty. I was thinking that the idea behind it was pretty solid, and more to the point it fits in with that thing Hippocrates is supposed to have said, First do no harm.

Obviously if you have a cancer, then cutting it out may well be the only real choice. Then you still need to kill anything you miss with chemo or radiation of some sort. In the future I believe we shall probably determine alternatives to the last part. I would guess that they will be able to find just the right type of radiation that will target exactly what needs to be targeted and do no harm to the rest of the body. It is obvious that elective surgical procedures should be replaced by something less hazardous to the patient where it is possible. Botox injections are not something that you have to have, people have them done because they think it will make them look younger. If they look younger then they will feel as though they are younger and this will increase their happiness. In theory that would be good for their health, but it is better if they actually are healthier.