For years I have struggled with acne; even going into adulthood I have begun to suffer from adult acne for reasons thatI have been unable to pin point. Very little about my diet has actually changed in the last few years but without remorse the acne has been worse now than it has ever been, even when I was a teenager. It wasn’t until I discovered the best facial toner for 2013 that I actually started to see differences in the way that my skin looked and felt! I started to use the toner every day on my face, morning and night, and within a week or so I started to see dramatic improvements to the quality of my skin! Anyone who has suffered from acne knows how much anxiety and how much pain it cause; you feel as if you might be the ugliest person around, that everyone is staring at your acne without noticing anything else about you. It’s difficult to struggle with!

Even when I was a teenager, having acne was bad but it didn’t feel as bad as having acne as an adult. I’ve always had oily skin but for the most part I was able to keep it under control by keeping my hair up and off my face. As an adult, it’s just another thing to stress out about. We have so much to deal with in our busy day to day lives that being forced to handle your acne and spend more money on skin care is enough to stress anyone out! After trying dozens of products without any noticeable results, I was surprised that a toner was the thing that was able to bring me relief. I hadn’t realized just how oily my skin had become as I’ve grown older, something this toner helps mitigate.