I was hoping to be able to finish up my career at the State University of New York this year, but the money is not there right now and aside from that it was not possible for me to get the course credits that I need to graduate. I would have hung around the campus, but instead I am down here working for a roofing contractor in nyc. I worked for him a couple of summers ago and I decided to call him up and ask him if he had any work for me. If it had been summer again I might not have been eager to do it, because it is really murder to be up on those roofs on a hot day. Of course some of the work they do can not be done if it is too cold. They have a lot of tar roof work and they need warm weather to do that, the tar probably does not set up right if it is too cold or else you can not spread it around before it gets too thick.

I am staying in a loft above my Aunt Frieda’s garage. She adores me and would get really mad at me if I tried to pay her rent, which is a good thing as I need to save the money. I want to go out and try to meet girls, but the money is too precious really. I need tobe careful about every penny. The obvious job is to get my butt back into class and then get done with my degree. I am going to be 23 before I get my degree if it all goes to plan and that is going to put me into a good bit of debt as well. I need to start paying off my debts.